Sasha Maslov
Veterans: Faces of World War II
June 9 – July 16, 2017

Art at the Institute was proud to present Veterans: Faces of World War II, an exhibition of portraits by New York-based photographer Sasha Maslov. It coincided with the release of Mr. Maslov’s book, Veterans: Faces of World War II, published by Princeton Architectural Press (New York: 2017). Curated by Walter Hoydysh, PhD, director of Art at the Institute, the exhibition was Sasha Maslov’s first with the UIA. Artist reception and book signing took place on Friday, June 9, from 6:00 to 8:00 PM.

Dmytro Verholjak, Markova, Ukraine
Dmytro Verholjak, Markova, Ukraine

Veterans is a series of portraits of people who actively participated in the Second World War. Maslov began the four-year project travelling different continents, photographing and interviewing individuals who lived through the war. His sitters include not only soldiers but medics, engineers, partisans, members of various resistance movements, prisoners of war, Holocaust survivors, and civilians caught in the turmoil.

This documentary project looks behind the emotional drapery of each person photographed. Seventy years after the war that claimed millions of lives, the photographer studies and compares the lives of those who survived and are still living today. Each subject has his or her own personal story to tell of the war, how it affected them, and the years thereafter. The resulting photographs, interviews and published book assemble a recorded mosaic of people who in one moment of history were all engaged in this incredible tragedy, and in the other, living their separate lives in different corners of the world.

Sasha Maslov is a Ukrainian-born portrait photographer who lives and works in New York. His works have been exhibited in photo galleries and art spaces throughout Europe and the United States, and his editorial assignments appear regularly in major global magazines and newspapers. Mr. Maslov is represented by Artists by Timothy Priano creative agency. For more information about Sasha Maslov, please visit

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At a parallel event, Mr. Maslov gave a book talk and signing of Veterans: Faces of World War II at the 92 Street Y on May 17.