Documentary screening of “Freedom or Death” by Damian Kolodiy.
January 14, 2016.

“Freedom or Death” focuses on the revolutionary events in Kyiv, Ukraine in 2014. The film is told from the point of view of Ukrainian-American filmmaker Damian Kolodiy.

Kolodiy’s voice narrates the film, which focuses on events in Kyiv, starting with the peaceful demonstrations in support of Ukraine signing a free trade agreement with the European Union. The film examines how those peaceful demonstrations escalate into a violent conflict between Ukrainian activists and the Ukrainian government headed by corrupt President Victor Yanukovych. Through on the ground footage and Kolodiy’s voiceover, the film is a chronological and forensic portrait of how a civil uprising in Kyiv has become a hybrid war with Russia that has had global ramifications.

Damian Kolodiy Bio:
Damian Kolodiy is a filmmaker based in New York City. Kolodiy freelances as a cameraman and video editor. He was the Program Director of Kinofest NYC, a film festival showcasing contemporary Ukrainian film in New York. ( from 2010-2015. His first feature documentary was on Ukraine’s Orange Revolution titled “The Orange Chronicles”. He also developed a web series focused on the New York City rock n roll scene called NYC ROCKS TV. His first feature film was an experimental sci-fi fantasy filmed titled “ill Generation”. He is a graduate of the Film program at Emerson College in Boston, Massachusetts.