The Ukrainian Institute of America was pleased to present the constructivist art exhibition “Ron Kostyniuk: Art-Nature-Art”, which originated at the Ukrainian Institute of Modern Art in Chicago under the title Ron Kostyniuk: Construction-neo-Construction and subsequently traveled to the Ukrainian Museum in New York under the title Ron Kostyniuk: Art as Nature Analogue. The exhibition opened on March 22, 2013 at the Ukrainian Institute of America and is on display till April 7, 2013.


Ron Kostyniuk is a professor of Fine Art at the University of Calgary, where he has taught for over forty years. With nature as his source of inspiration, Canadian artist Ron Kostyniuk has been creating unique constructed relief sculptures since the 1960s. His work has been widely exhibited and is included in many private and museum collections in Canada. This exhibition features 28 sculptures created between 1967 and 2009 derived both from Kostyniuk’s fascination with biology and study of natural forms and from his interest in the work of modernist and constructivist artists such as Pablo Picasso, Alexander Archipenko, Charles Biederman, Naum Gabo, and Vladimir Tatlin.


My artwork subscribes to the utilization of geometrical form and to the articulation of space trough planar analysis…….I am very cognizant of the actual structuring processes – processes of morphogenesis that operate in nature as formative elements of space in specific cellular combinations. These unique natural systems, however, are not translated in my work into any form of replication, rather they are utilized as a source for metaphoric transposition into an art of geometric form and color interaction as a parallel to nature’s creative rhythms in their manifest splendor. In its most profound sense, the creation of art is a celebration of life. It is a celebration of life in that art is a creation about a creation – analogue to those processes that are found to be operative in nature – as a reflection of and as a reaffirmation of the spirit of man in communion with nature. Providing for a sense of identification with the universe, art embellishes, enriches and nourishes the human spirit. In all aspects art gives life to the imagination, a tactility to the mind’s eye and concrete form to abstract thought. Through the creative process, art externalizes the human spirit, transcends the mundane and lends playful exuberance to man’s perception of color/form/space/light/time in metaphoric transposition. Having originated with the first crystallizations of human experience of primeval man, art has operated as a culmination of the genetic pool of creative consciousness in communion with nature. As such, it is the conduit by which the artist relates to his past, attempts to understand his present and aspires to the future. In its most essential form, art strives to expose the mystery of being and functions as a bridge between man’s intellect and his soul. And like the old wizard moon orchestrating a soft ballet of moonbeams on a silver lake, the artist provides the guiding touch to much of this venture. As the pinnacle of this creative activity, the artist provides the heartbeat, the creative impulse that is the talent that inspires others in this celebration by providing the theatre stage on which one can dance. As the artist creates, so does the viewer in a symbolic relationship of the highest order. Engendered in all of mankind is a creative spirit – everyone dances when one dances, everyone sings when one sings and everyone sculpts when one sculpts. This is a creative journey that by necessity the artist cannot live without. It is a journey that everyone expects the artist to exercise with his most committed being and with the greatest integrity that the artist can muster. The artist’s vision is unique and as he dances omn this earth, his reflection shall register in the infinite meadow of the heavens, like blossoming stars, Longfellow’s “forget-me-nots of the angels.” This creative drive is a great tribute to the human spirit resulting in an activity whose resultant entity sings sweet like visual music for the mind of man and for the soul of mankind. Hopefully this is the “song” of my art.

Ron Kostyniuk

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“Art @ the Institute” was sponsored by the Ukrainian Institute of America, 2 East 79th Street, New York, NY 10075